Book Author Website Design - Geoff Nelder

I’ve had a lifelong obsession with books and bookshops so I was delighted to get the opportunity to create this website for Science Fiction author Geoff Nelder.  Geoff is an award winning author of thrillers, fantasy and science fiction and an absolute gentleman to work with.

Author Website Design

The most important feature of the site was to showcase his extensive body of work and also to highlight his new collection of books – The Aria Trilogy.  Geoff also offers his proofreading and editing services to authors and writes a regular and entertaining blog.

A few brilliant words from Geoff:

“Poppyvine improved my website so much I didn’t recognize it as mine for weeks. The new webbie is a topnotch, gleaming front and cover for this bad-ass editor and professional, fictionalizing liar that lurks behind it.”

Geoff Nelder - Author Website Design