SocialBee is a bee-spoke home entertaining service specialising in Afternoon Tea.  Beautifully prepared and presented packages are delivered to your door to make home entertaining fun and effortless.

I was responsible for the design of the entire branding for Social Bee – Logo, Business Cards, Flyers and Website.  This bespoke Afternoon Tea events website needed to be colourful, fresh and exciting just like the owner – Melissa Curley who personally caters in her beautiful tea dress.

I’ve had a few of those cakes – they are delicious and I dare say that a cup of tea from an old bone china cup is a really special experience… now if only I could find my white dining gloves…

A few words from the Queen Bee:

“I engaged Orla’s services when I was at the very early stages of my business. I was still unsure myself of what my brand was going to look like, and had no idea where to begin to figure it out.

Orla listened patiently to my convoluted ramblings, and somehow she was able to see the vision that I had for SocialBee, before I had even spied it in my own minds eye! She’s a design sorceress!

Orla went on to design my logo, business cards, website and promotional posters, and I was beyond impressed with the brand she had created for my business. It was exactly how I didn’t even realise I wanted SocialBee to look and feel.

She explained all the processes as she went along, and welcomed input from me whenever I had it. Thanks to her ongoing informal training, I now have a working knowledge of how to use my website.

Thanks to Orla’s help, SocialBee is a brand I am so proud of. Your brand is your gold. You need the best to help you achieve gold. “

– Melissa Curley, Queen Bee

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