Blended Redesign

I can often be guilty of jumping into starting over too quickly, but to do it right takes time and planning.  Often, you don’t need to completely start over from scratch, but take elements of what you already have, and work around it.

That is what I did with this website – for years I have been guilty of the old saying of the cobblers children having no shoes – I didn’t concentrate on my own website.  When it came to finally redesigning it, I was tempted to throw out everything and start all over again with new branding, but, after some thought and planning, I decided to keep my original logo and build the new website and online presence around it.

The result is far less disruption and a continuity of brand across a new design.

Whenever you are considering a redesign, you should take a look at all of your existing assets, to see if there are any parts that you still love.  They can be either modernised or incorporated into your new design.  Blended re-design.