ATC Logistics’s original website was dated and difficult to use so we created a whole new structure & design to showcase their services.  Often corporate websites can blend into the background – we did not want that for ATC Logistics.  Using the predominant colours of their logo we introduced a strong green accent colour to keep the site fresh and interesting.  The client was open to all design ideas and was a very consistent and active participant in the design process which always leads to a brilliant result.

“After several years with an outdated website, we decided to replace it. We were hoping for a modern and well-designed site that would represent our expanding business well. Working with Orla was fantastic as she had a clear vision for what the site would look like and kept us on track where our temptations might have taken away from the great work she did. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is professional, flexible and gets things done promptly, and we are delighted that we are still working with Orla.”
Keith Young
Director, ATC Logistics

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