Cottageology Irish Cottages

Website & Branding Design

Cottageology has been a personal project of mine for over 10 years and I am delighted that this year it has started moving towards becoming an open sourced community project with a Facebook Group of cottage enthusiasts helping each other to restore and renovate their cottages.

Project Details


Branding Design

Cottageology had a big branding overhaul this year – the old logo had become very dated and difficult to work with. ┬áThe new logo is simple yet still has the historic and approachable feel that is needed for a community project like Cottageology.


Responsive Website Design

The website had become difficult to use and it was time to start opening up the website to other contributors as I was not as closely involved with Cottage renovation any more.  This necessitated a design overhaul and over the next few months the site should move towards becoming a more community curated effort.

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