The Ivy Cookery School

Website Design

If there is one thing I love – it is food so it was a joy to do the design and development of the beautiful Ivy Cookery School.  With beautiful food photography and mouth watering courses I had lots of inspiration to work with on this site.

Project Details


Responsive Design

Needless to say – responsive design was at the heart of the new website and now clients can book their mouth watering courses right from their mobile phone!


Physical Products, Events & Vouchers

Outside of the implementation of a very unique and interesting visual identity this website required handling three different types of ecommerce transactions – Events, Products & Vouchers – each with their own difficulties.  My aim was to create as unified a checkout system as possible to make it easier for customers to use.  Cookery courses are the main focus of the school and the owner Niamh creates exciting and varied new courses every season so it needed to be easy to edit and all of the courses needed to be featured both as products and also on an easy to access calendar.

Project Images

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