Membership Websites

Control your content to raise your brand awareness or generate additional recurring income streams for your business.

Create private, members only areas that provide higher value to your most valuable customers.


Serve your club, charity or non-profit community better with custom content for those who support you.


Transform your knowledge into an additional recurring income stream.


Control access to who sees your content and when they see it.


Build a dedicated, highly motivated community around your brand or business.

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What Types of Membership Websites We Create

Events Websites

You need to sell access to your events and it needs to be frictionless.  Users can book tickets easily online, gain access to the event using digital ticketing and your staff can easily check off attendance records with a simple online system.

Course Websites

You provide excellent services and your clients love you but there is a limit to your time to serve.  A course membership website allows you to leverage your time, teach more people your skills and bring in additional income to your business!

Community Websites

You need an area to communicate important information and content with your community.  From non-profits to charities and local clubs – you need an area where people can exchange ideas, keep in contact and provide additional value to the members who support your community.

Digital Products

You create digital products that people can download online but you need a way to professionally manage the sales, delivery and taxation issues for these products.  You also need a way for your clients to access the products online after they have purchased and a support system so your clients are happy.

What We Do

There are many moving parts in a membership website – from managing the access and logins, forgotten passwords, how and what to email clients, what content to add and how to take payments.

We listen to your business needs and help you to discover the best membership solution and implementation for your business.  We custom design all our websites for your business.

We hold your hand to bring your membership website to life!


What can you offer?

We help you understand what services you provide that are best suited to a membership website.


How will you deliver your content?

How will you deliver your content to your clients: drip feed, one off product sales, bundled content, events, webinars, custom content types, resources library, virtual and digital products… Each has their merit and we will help you choose the best route for you.


Understand the statistics

We integrate indepth page statistics software that complements the members reporting software to give you all of the information you need to understand the success of your website so you can make informed decisions about your marketing, product direction and sales.


How will you charge?

We guide you through the pro’s and con’s of the different payment processors you can use to take payments seamlessly.


Newsletters & Lead Generation

We help you to choose a newsletter system and then integrate it into your website as well as creating a sales landing page and sales funnel to encourage generate leads for your membership area.


Making sure you are tax compliant

No one wants to battle the taxman.  We setup a taxation system so you are ready for compliance – taxation on digital goods can be confusing, we clear up the confusion so you can generate simple reports to facilitate your taxation compliance requirements.


What is your payment strategy?

What payments strategy should you use: Recurring subscription, trial periods, fixed priced, time limited access, free membership etc… we help you choose the right strategy for your business.


Managing member turnover

Getting members is important but keeping them is vital for your success.  We help you understand your churn rate and give you the advice and tactics to keep your members engaged and involved in your membership website for longer.


So much more...

We are you reference point and also provide ongoing support services for membership websites so you always have someone you can call.

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