We provide professional training courses to help you or your organisation get online and promote your website.  Our training services include preparation training, website building and promotion as well as customised training to suit your individual needs.  We provide all attendees with detailed printed notes and support as part of our training services.  

Website Project Preparation

Getting a website built for your business or idea is a big project – regardless of whether you build it yourself or get it outsourced.  This preparation course gives you an overview of what you should know before you embark on your web design project. 

The course covers:

  • Logos & branding overview
  • Domain names, hosting & email options
  • Planning what content to start preparing
  • Choosing what designers to approach and how to contact them
  • Evaluating Quotations and understanding costs
  • Funding options

Course Duration:  2 hours

Get Started Online

Not everyone has the budget for a professional website design when they are getting started so they need to learn how to create their own website.  This course will walk you through creating your first online presence – creating your website, logo and matching social media accounts.  

The course covers:

  • Deciding on your domain name and hosting
  • Setting up your professional domain email address
  • Creating a simple and quick logotype
  • Installing WordPress and a theme
  • Editing and publishing your first website
  • Security, backups and maintaining a WordPress website
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Connecting to Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Social Media accounts and creating cover graphics

Course Duration:  4 x 4 hour half day sessions +1 x 2 hour one to one session.  

What Next: Promoting Your Website

This course is for anyone who already has a website but is not sure of how to get the word out about it.  We cover a range of options from search engine optimisation to social media marketing, understanding analytics and advertising opportunities.  On completion you will have a content strategy plan for the next three months.

The course covers:

  • Content & SEO
  • Making Google Analytics work for you.
  • Social Media accounts
  • Understanding online advertising opportunities
  • Creating a content strategy

Course Duration:  2 x 3 hours

Customised Training

We also provide customised training to suit your business – contact us to discuss your needs.

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