The Hemp Cooperative are a collective of passionate hemp farmers, growers and processors who are dedicated to the development of the industry in Ireland.  They are working together to create awareness of the uses and benefits of the hemp plant for Irish agronomy and the economy.

A key issue in the design of this site and project was to make sure it did not leaned away from traditional ‘hemp’ iconography and stereotypes to create a modern, fresh and progressive look and feel.

The website also includes membership features, allowing members to purchase and manage their membership online and renew it yearly.  This gives them access to the members only area with details of their membership, a members only shop area, questions and answers functionality and general articles available only to the members.

It was a pleasure to work with the Hemp Cooperative, as someone who also loves organic growing and self sustainability.  We need more of these community projects to create more sustainable business models that support rural development.

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