Niall Heenan is a well established and trusted trainer, coach and facilitator in the Irish Business community. His old website and logo needed an overhaul as they had become out of date and difficult to work with.

We chose a solid base colour with some bright accents for his new logo. The website design evolved from discussions about Niall’s style and work preferences. The new website is bold, clean and professional while still conveying the approachability and reliability that are Niall’s hallmark.

I am excited for Niall’s next steps with his business and his foray into delivering more work online to help business owners become more resilient.

“As I explored how to provide services online I began the process of redesigning my online presence and branding. I was extremely fortunate that Orla Fitzmaurice and the wonderful Poppyvine Website Design became my allies in this process. Orla brought her immense patience and skills and has created a website that captures what I do in a very clear and effective manner. With the option of online booking and integrated payments via @stripe it allows me to reach a wider audience and to continue to develop the range of training, coaching and facilitation services that I currently provide. Thanks to so many people for their encouragement along the way.”

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